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Specialised Composite Constructions

Specialised Composite Constructions

Specialised Composite Components (SCC) is a versatile composite component manufacturer based in Melbourne. We can happily assist our clients with their concepts, however big or small; and bring their ideas to life with creativity and passion. We have a strong expertise in plugs, moulds and quality product making. Our philosophy is quite simple; there is not much that we cannot make! SCC currently has its own in-house quality system, but by the end of 2013, we will be fully ISO-9001 Quality Certified. Our current customer base encompasses sophisticated aircraft components; the transport industry (including public transport and marine) and industrial architecture.

Specialising in





Customised composite component manufacturer utilising:

25 meter Climate Controlled Paint Facility
Resin Transfer Moulding
Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding
Ambient Curing Wet Layup
Pattern Making


Aero Space Industry
Automotive Industry
Caravan Industry
Transport Industry
Civil Construction


Special Patterns

Competitive Discriminators

Ability to provide solutions to meet customer requirements
Wide range of size capabilities
Quick turnaround times for customer orders
Creative approach to new techniques

Quality Standards and Accreditations



Boat Components

Boat Components

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Our carbon steering wheels come in 2 diameters - 1100mm or 900mm. They are made from prepreg carbon and cured at high temperatures. The wheels can be matched to any steering head systems. Clear coated carbon or painted steering wheels both available.

Carbon Fiber Head

The weight of our specialized carbon toilet bowl is 1.8 kg, compared with competitors’ ceramic bowls of over 6 kgs. Our toilets are compatible with either Jabsco or Lavac plumbing systems. Both clear carbon and painted toilets available.

Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance

The advantage to having your boat maintained by Composites Constructions is the ability to throw the keys to Steve on-site at Sandringham Yacht Club to take care of the necessary work, or transport your boat to their Braeside factory for major maintenance work like resprays and detailing.

The maintenance services available include, but are not limited to:

  • Fibreglass and Timber
  • Resprays and Detailing - 25 metre oven
  • Insurance Work
  • Keel & Rudder Fabrication & Modification
  • General Boat Maintenance


Boat Building

Boat Building

Stephen Campbell, owner of Composites Constructions, has been involved in the contruction of many famous racing boats including Wild Thing, Illusion (1998 Sydney to Hobart winner), Ultimate Chellange, Morning Mist and Raw Nerve (Ocean Racing Catamaran).

Stephen and his team work with companies and private individuals to build first-class boats for racing and leisure purposes.



Composites Constructions specialise in boat building, boat repairs, custom boat parts, and composite components for many industries.

A list of services available is below, however Composites Constructions is not restricted to these services alone. The key advantage to working with Composites Constructions is the utilisation of their skills, extensive experience, and professional partners (marine architects, engineers) to achieve your individual outcomes.

Composites Constructions stay in regular contact with every customer throughout the design and build processes, and delivery of every job. Stephen and the team liaise with clients to discuss the best approach to undertake a project; from conducting a cost analysis, material analysis, recommend and source materials, liaise with and engage marine architects and engineers, and more.

Their commitment to working closely with clients (no matter the size of the job) means that private and commercial customers can engage the team with as little as a hand written drawing, as casual as throwing your boat keys to Stephen to complete an annual maintenance check, or provide a professional brief with technical specifications and drawings.

  • Fully qualified shipwrights
  • Repairs
  • Refits
  • Keel and rudder modifications
  • Resprays (25 meter climate controlled spray booth)
  • Custom composite components
  • Aeronautical
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Custom Steering Wheels and components

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